Edwin Roald, leader and founder of the Carbon Par project series, is the director of Eureka Golf, an environmentally focused golf course design, planning, consulting, research and data analytics company. Edwin has worked independently and internationally as a golf course architect for more than 20 years and has eight years of experience from turfgrass and environmental research as a board member of STERF. He is a member of The European Institute of Golf Course Architects (EIGCA), a past EIGCA board member and EIGCA’s Sustainability Committee Chairman. Edwin is an accredited verifier for the GEO Certified-Operations ecolabel, an international speaker and author of golf course land-use concepts such as

Jón Guðmundsson is a researcher and assistant professor in the Faculty of Environmental Science at The Agricultural University of Iceland. Jón has led and participated in a variety of research projects on carbon stock and greenhouse gas fluxes, e.g. in relation to different land use and land cover. Since 1998, Jón has been responsible for reporting the LULUCF-sector for Iceland to the UNFCCC and Kyoto Protocol, both at the Agricultural University and its predecessor, The Agricultural Research Institute. Jón also plays a key role in active collaboration between the university and the SCSI. Jón's role in the project includes consultancy on the selection of golf facilities for soil sampling, interpretation of laboratory analysis, advice on the number of basic soil categories for breakdown, sourcing of appropriate emission factors and co-authorship of disseminated results.